Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introducing... Heidi!

She's a month old already, but just now making her blogger appearance.
Bright eyes

My view every mealtime

Sunbathing, or waging war on the jaundice,...

...is not her favorite part of the day.

And she looks at me accusingly when I offer her my finger to suck on.  She's figured out that there's no milk in it.

I'm learning many things about love.  Sleep has always been the hardest thing for me to give up, but nursing means I have to get up in the night.  Getting married taught me much about love, but it's always possible to tell another adult to chill out if one feels one can't meet the other's needs right then.  My baby is making me stretch and grow, because I just can't tell her to chill out.  She can't get it, do it or fix it for herself.  And even if all she needs is to be cuddled and reassured, she still depends entirely on us for it.

Also, if you didn't notice, I HAVE A CAMERA NOW!!  Prepare for many baby photos, and occasional homemaking photos.  I know this is supposed to be a homemaking blog, but you know.  Babies happen.


  1. She is beautiful! And I love, love, love her name. I think it's the best name I've heard in a very long time.

  2. Oh my gosh, she is soooo beautiful!

    My blog could beat up your blog.


    You should use WordPress. It's what all the cool people do.


  3. Calah, thank you!
    John, I'm following your blog as of right now, but I have no clue what most of your posts mean. Consider this proof of friendship. Wordpress might be cooler, I haven't looked into it, but Google syncs everything in a vast web of creepy data storage, and I'm addicted to how easy it is to, say, post a picture from Picasa onto Blogger. Can you do that on Wordpress?

  4. This is AWESOME! I love the little bow on her baby hat! You will be amazed at how much easier the second seems... apart from the whole two kids to keep up with thing... we're blessed to have uber helpful grandparents who have sleepovers with our first while we're adjusting to the new baby and 24-hour shifts for super-daddy.