Friday, March 14, 2014

Flying kites in the park

Happy birthday, Miss Rori!

We had a happy birthday party for Miss Rori-pants. We went to Sweet and Sassy Cafe in Muskogee, which was a great little venue and made her a gorgeous cake.

curious about the decorations

there was lots of candy

spending some time with Nanny

walking and walking

and walking in the little red ladybug tutu

fun with cousins

Heidi keeps talking about "her Ava."

Ion and Granddad

and Rori with Granddad

I wish I had gotten the camera to focus on someone in front of the wall before setting the auto-timer, but instead I got a great picture of the wall decorations behind me.

hangin' out with Mammaw

the beautiful cake Sweet and Sassy Cafe made us

and the cute little smash cake

which was examined for a brief time

before being totally destroyed.

Then we went over to Alice's party.

little cousin twins

sneaking bites from Mammaw's cake

and marching around victoriously with the spoils of her presents

All the little girls are going on an adventure. Look out, world!

Happy birthday to you, Alice!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A little one-year-old photoshoot

I did a little photoshoot of Miss Rori in honor of her Very First Birthday next week.

want some?


Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves the imperfect photos more than the perfect ones. She won't do this expression forever. (sniff)


And then Heidi wanted the camera's attention too.

So I put her in her matching springtime dress and did a little sister shoot. Of course I couldn't get them both looking at the same time. Why would they have done that?