Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Birth of the Food Blog

I want to be good at cooking! Oh, sure, before I got married, I thought I was a GREAT cook, because occasionally something I made would turn out tasting yummy. Never mind the fact that it was always one-pot dishes that looked completely uninteresting, I still thought I could cook.

Only, I can't. Marrying someone who CAN cook often changes one's entire perspective. My husband's food always tastes exactly like it's supposed to, not the close approximation that mine is, and it always looks good. Instead of a monochromatic mush that tastes savory and spicy, his food is colorful and beautiful as well as savory and spicy. This is a whole world I never knew existed; I certainly have never cooked that way.

Plus I've recently gone vegetarian and have thus discovered that I really don't know how to make vegetables. I made curry last week, and it was bland. I've told everyone I know about the bland curry, pretty much, and I'm still in shock about it. I thought if you put the spice in and let it cook, it was a failsafe method of making sure it would be hot. But apparently I failed at even that.

So I am starting a food blog to chronicle my adventures in learning to cook, and to provide a reference (probably just for myself, because I don't know who would want to take cooking lessons from ME) of my favorite and least-favorite recipes, tweaks, and methods.

Let the cooking commence!

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