Sunday, February 20, 2011

This post brought to you by Granddad Friend and my shiny new to me Asus laptop.

Only it's blue, not bamboo

It's purse sized and amazing, and he doesn't use it anymore, and I was talking about how we were planning on buying one before I knew he had one languishing in his office, and I. am. thrilled.  You know you wish you had my in-laws.

I'll be able to use a decently fast computer at the Cottage now when I'm on duty, and have keybord-connected internet even when my darling husband is using our (his) desktop, and be able to answer my emails with more than just one line, and be able to make decent blog posts. Does anybody else have a terrible time writing on anything but a qwerty keyboard of ten-finger capabilities? I delete most everything I start to blog on my phone, because it comes out nonsensical. My ten fingers can keep up with my ideas much better than my two thumbs can.

Speaking of ten fingers and typing, I was thinking the other day about my sixth grade computer teacher, Mr. Mulvaney, and how grateful I am for all those tortuously boring classes of nothing but Mavis Beacon typing tutorials. Ooh, I hated it at the time, from the computer voice to the fact that there were only three games, but the current benefits of having a typing speed of 100 wpm more than outweigh the boredom of years ago.  Just think: if I were to cease my job as houseparent of troubled teenage girls and need an income, I could take dictation.

But then I wouldn't be able to play with my baby all day.

Granddad spoils her and gives her spoonfuls of coffee, but what can I say? He spoils me and gives me laptops.

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  1. As of today this has become my favorite blog. As such it will be my homepage for my most oft used iPhone browser. Granddad