Friday, May 13, 2011

My first blog award

Thank you to Calah at Barefoot and Pregnant for giving me my first blog award!


So, the rules:

The Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post
  2. Tell us seven things about yourself
  3. Award ten recently discovered new bloggers

So. Thank you, Calah!

Seven things about me? Hmm. I'll tell you seven things I've been doing recently. My activities count as "about me," right?


Ryan and I are unexpectedly getting to live our farm-life dream! Sometimes blessings come in unattractive packages, and if this one hadn't been forced on us I know I sure wouldn't have chosen it. Suddenly unemployed, we gratefully accepted my parents' offer to be long-term housesitters on their property while they move back to Dallas. Ryan has a job helping to build the nearby monastery, and I will stay home raising the baby and trying to grow food. I thought I had another job as a houseparent, but they wouldn't let me bring the baby, nor would they pay me enough for daycare. So here we are. The tally: suddenly unemployed, not independent = 2 for unattractive; however, living rent free, growing our own food, living the farm dream a good 30 years before we thought we'd make it = WIN.

Not actually our farm


Therefore, we tilled up our entire garden patch yesterday.

This actually IS our farm.
The schedule:
7 am: Intend to wake up. Alarm clock fail.
8 am: Actually wake up. Rush around frantically.
8:20 am: Leave the house, complete with baby; all parties (miraculously) satisfactorally hygenic and fed in a much shorter time than usual.
8:50 am: Rent tiller.
9:20 am - 5 pm: Work our butts off.

Kindly scroll back up and notice the weeds along the fence line, if you please. While not quite all the garden was that overgrown, there was enough. The first pass was a glorified lawnmowing job. Ryan tilled and I raked up piles of weeds. We found some bones from when my parents buried a dog in the garden. Returning the nutrients to the soil sounded like a great idea at the time. We found some snakes.


Not actually one of my victims, though we did find a nest of copperheads

I got queasy about killing them, though, and began handing Ryan the shovel whenever I heard him yell "SNAKE!"

My daughter is a 6 month old nature lover, and therefore she supervised from a strategic location which was both in the shade and far far away from any danger of snakes.

Though somehow this picture makes it look like I was a negligent mother and left her in the bright sun to sunburn

Her puppy dog protected her. No kidding, he never left her side.

Ok, fine, that's a fact about him and not about me. But I bet you didn't know that four days before this picture was taken he had a run-in with a neighbor's chickens (he was trying to herd them) and got shot in the butt. We treated the wound and he was a very sad Buddy for a few days, but then we poured large quantities of honey down his throat and he was up and about the next morning. Honey: it cures what ails ya, even gunshot wounds to the gluteus maximus. 

I won't let Ryan cut down this wild rose bush

until I take a cutting. If I asked, he would buy me five rose bushes at Lowe's, but I want this wild one that invaded the garden fence. I'm afraid you can't see the flowers very well, and I apologize for my finger being in the way. 

Speaking of Lowe's,

it is a dangerous and wonderful place for me, and I am happy to accept birthday and good-will presents of gift cards there in any denomination.

Some day, my farm will totally have an ornamental water element.

Ok. Ten recently discovered bloggers. I don't spend enough time in the blogosphere to have discovered TEN bloggers recently. I'll tell you about some of my friends I frequent, though:

1: Is it cheating to tagback? I read Calah a lot.
2: Ashley at The Green Lady Society. She's a lovely lovely friend of mine who has recently become a yoga instructor.
3: Denise at Lost City Knits. Not only is she a wonderful person, but her hand-dyed yarns are to. die. for. Go buy some.
4: Renee at R&R Casa. She was a fellow English major back in our halcyon college days when our main worries were paper deadlines, and now she has great things to say about incorporating Montessori into the home environment.
5: Ava is my baby niece, and she and Heidi will probably be great friends when they're old enough to play with each other. Her parents allow her to have her own blog, which you can see I won't let Heidi do. One of these days I'll let her type a blog post though.
6: The Rhodes Log is the cyberhome of  two fellow English majors who ended up marrying each other and constantly surprise me with their fascination with really excellent and unexpected things like bees.
7: Mariana at Back to the Best is like a little Better Homes and Gardens for newlyweds on a budget. Simultaneously inspiring and gigantically intimidating.
8: Debbie the Laundry Monster Slayer was one of my first knitting friends, and I have to say, knitting friends are different from all the other kinds of friends out there. Crazier, for one.
9: I read Arwen's blog and kind of feel weird about it since I don't know her at all. Stalker-ish, a little. But she just had twins, and they're beautiful little boys, and you should go look at her pictures!
10: And Meghan at Involving the Senses (blogger #2 of this whole darn list that I don't know in person) has lots of eye candy for artsy people.

There are some I would have liked to tag but who haven't posted in well over a year. It makes me sad when some of my favorite writers stop writing.

The end! Please, baby, GO TO SLEEP NOW AND LET ME GO TO BED.

For the record, she's sucking on my knee.

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