Sunday, March 18, 2012

The toddler and the infant

A certain sweet big sister toddler tries to be very helpful in our house. She offers her own bottles to baby brother as a superior replacement for the yucky stuff the brother is eating. She gives pacifiers to the brother, but sometimes she misses and ends up trying to stick the pacifier up the brother's nose. She puts blankets on any part of the brother's anatomy she can reach, including over the face. She rescues brother when he cries, and sometimes she pulls him out of his swing and bumps his head. (guess who never gets to be alone with her brother unsupervised anymore). She pushes him in his stroller toward hazards such as fences and, um, ponds. In fact, if it weren't for all the snuggles and kisses, I'd wonder if she weren't trying to kill him.

He knows he's loved, but with so much love of that sort he sometimes worries about whether he'll make it to his first birthday.

Don't worry, bub. Parents are certified affection referees.

Besides, Heidi's too busy going on adventures to terrorize you ALL the time.

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  1. Awww, how sweet! I imagine what it will be like when my infant is a big brother. I wonder if he'll be as proactive as your daughter is :-)