Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Language Acquisition

Tonight, much to her daddy's delight, Heidi demonstrated her ability to follow directions. She fetched a toy halfway across the living room before she was distracted by a shoe. (I didn't specify that her attention span was particularly long.) Daddy reminded her about it, though, and this time she brought it straight to him. Later, he instructed her, bizarrely, to put her finger into the filtered-water spigot so that she could feel the water spray around it. And she did, several times. Far be it from me to squelch learning, of course, but Daddy was wise to volunteer to clean up the mess himself anyway.

It was an evening of much language-acquisition elation. Which led to this conversation:

Him: I told her I wanted the red toy! And she went and brought it to me! And handed it to me when I asked for it! And stuck her finger in the spigot when I told her to, without me even showing her how!

Me: Well, they say babies understand words a lot sooner than they start to say them.

Him: I know! It's awesome!

Me: So we should probably start watching out for those four-letter words...

Him: Yeah...

Because there are some forms of language that just aren't acceptable in preschool, guys.

This has been your daily lesson in parenting. Tune in next time for more tips on how to be better parents than we are.

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