Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reverse SAD

You know, I'm used to hearing about Washingtonites and Oregonians getting depressed because of the weather. How lucky I am, I've always heard, to live in a place where the sunny climate would perpetually engender positive emotions.


One reaches a point in 100 degree weather when the sunlight just fails to revitalize. It begins sapping energy, moisture, happiness and the will to live. When it finally began to rain on Tuesday, the realization that I had clothes on the line could in no way detract from my joy in the long-awaited nourishment. In fact, since then I have been putting clothes on the line on purpose in hopes that they will be rained on.

Three days so far. Three blissful days of overcast, drizzly, cool weather. I can walk outside without feeling the need to recover afterwards. The fallen leaves from the drought now soaked with rain give the illusion of fall. It's not fall yet, but while the weather lasts I can pretend. I hope it lasts till December.

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