Monday, November 21, 2011

Milestone Monday

Nana reports that Heidi took five steps yesterday, but only because she had a toy in each hand and was too distracted to notice that she wasn't holding anybody's hands. This is the general pattern: we've seen her take one or two steps by herself many times, but only when she doesn't know she's on her own. I think hers may be a personality that has to struggle with "I can't," and we may have to encourage her a lot to believe that she can. On the other hand, she may just want to wait till she has it down before she unveils her new skill.

Ryan and I have been trying to teach her that the wood-burning stove is Very Hot, and now when she drags us past the stove on one of her toddles, she says "ha."

Also, I could have sworn she said "Papa." It sounded way too deliberate to be a fluke. She's been having lots of good bonding time with her Dallas grandparents this weekend, and has learned that Nana and Papa will let her play with grown-up books and are therefore more interesting than Momma and Daddy. She would also like it known that fried broccoli is the best thing ever, courtesy of MeMe and PopPop and Red Lobster.

Ten minutes after I started this post, she began vomiting bright pink curdled things, which is why this post is going up at 9 pm instead of at noon. There's no fever, though, so hopefully all the clear liquids and sleep today will pay off. Fingers crossed. I don't want that stomach bug; it didn't look fun.

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